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"The Real Scotch Whisky Guide" brings Scotch whisky to the table in a unique and personal way. With over 15 years of experience in the whisky and Scottish tourism industry, I am able to passionately deliver an independant guide to Scotland's no.1 product - its whisky. Whether a club, corporate organisation or just a collective group of whisky fans, I can deliver to you, in a venue of your choice, a unique whisky tasting experience.

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Meet your whisky guide...

Kenny Hanley

Kenny, who lives in Edinburgh and is a qualified tour and driver guide, and member of the STGA since1986, has a wealth of knowledge about Scotland, and is an ambassador to it's number one product - whisky.

Favourite regions:
Highland & Islay whiskies

  • Theres no 'e' in Scotch

  • Kenny has over 15 years of industry knowledge
  • I promote the product, not the brand, with our completely independent sessions
  • Not only can I educate you about whisky, but also the land in which it is made
  • Fun and friendly approach to my tastings
  • Can cater to any size of party, whatever their interest

There's no 'e' in Whisky

OK, so that one is an easy fact, but you can be sure that I have many more for you. In addition to my passion for Scotland, and for real Scotch whisky, I am also accredited by the STGA (Scottish Tourist Guides Association) so you can be guaranteed an unrivaled service.

With my wealth of experience and knowledge of Scotland, I am able to offer you not only invaluable tips and tales on Scotland's no.1 product (whisky) but also on the country itself, and how this magnificent land has an affect on the nose of each whisky produced here.

Kenny Hanley is accredited by

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Ken Hanley and Ronnie Berri

Our whisky experiences...

Whisky tasting

Man nosing a malt whisky

Be it a floral, medicinal, chocolatey or smoky flavour that you seek, you can be assured that I will find the right whisky flavour for your buds.

With each region of Scotland offering a distinctly different flavour to its whisky, you are never short of taste variety. During one of my tasting and nosing sessions, you can expect to learn what it is that contributes to the unique flavour of each whisky, and how the natural surroundings of each distillery can influence the taste, colour and texture of the whisky.

Book now and join me for a dram, as I offer you a memorable, informative and enjoyable experience, sharing with you my knowledge of this world-famous dram.

For corporate parties and events, I am also able to offer you and your employees their very own branded Glencairn whisky glass. Get in touch today for details.

What to expect from the Real Scotch Whisky Guide

Scotland is a nation known for its hospitality, and that is one trait you can expect to find at the tasting table. I aim to provide you with a unique experience, delivered to you in a way that suits you. To that end, I endeavour to make your tasting experience the best that it can be, and as such you can expect the following from us:

  • I'll bring the glasses
  • I'll bring the whisky
    (or can use whiskies of your choice)
  • I'll present in your chosen venue, or place of work
    (or can arrange a venue for you if required)
  • Entertainment and enjoyment comes as standard


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Customised whisky experiences

Maltman shovelling the malt grain at distillery

If you are someone who knows what they like, and you like things that little bit different, then get in touch to see how I can tailor a customised experience for you, your group or for a corporate event.

With my broad knowledge and limitless passion for all things whisky, you can be rest-assured that I will do our utmost to offer you an experience like no other. With priviledged access to some of Scotland's finest distilleries, I am able to take you on the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is the Whisky, the location, the ingredients or the culture, whatever your favourite aspect of Whisky is, I can make a day of it for you.

If you have something in mind, and would like something a little bit different, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and see how I can help you on your next adventure.

For details of pricing or any specific requirements, please get in touch with me.

Scotland's whisky regions

Did you know that...? Scotland is broken down into five main whisky regions. These are Highland, Speyside, Islay, Campbeltown and Lowland. Each of these regions has its own distinguished flavours and characteristics. You can view the region and flavour map, which describes the characteristics of these regions, by clicking on the buttons to the right.

  • Highland - A mix of dried fruit flavours and smokey aromas can be found here
  • Speyside - A flavour akin to fruits with a well balanced, sweet and almost floral finish
  • Islay - Being the most Westerly distilleries, these are also the most smokey tasting
  • Campbeltown - This region offers a unique richness with a notable taste of the ocean
  • Lowland - Typically a fresher, more floral taste
Map of Scotland background

Get in touch...

Because I believe in making your experience unique, I don't offer 'package' deals. That way you can have your very own tasting or experience delivered to you in a way that suits you, and your budget. To find out pricing and for any further details, please contact me via the form below, and I will get in touch soon!

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